Anchor Roller
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Mounting an Anchor Roller
By Guy Johnson - Puffin, 10M #6
The toe rail on the 10M goes forward to the stem making the mounting of an anchor roller difficult. I debated building a teak anchor platform that extended out beyond the stem and contained a urethane roller or using a manufactured stainless roller, the stainless roller won out. Now the problem was how to mount it, I decided to cut a piece of teak that would raise the level of the deck to match the toe rail and extend back far enough to mount the bow cleat on.

I resawed the piece to the desired thickness and made a shallow cove cut on the bottom. The cove makes a recess for the curve of the deck and allows the piece to rest on its outer edges, which prevents rocking. Next I made a template of the shape I needed and cut the teak to match, and then the edges were rounded with a router. To make the fit exact and to get the level just right I laminated 3 layers of mat to the bottom of the teak by first laying down a layer of wax paper on deck, then the 3 layers of mat wet out with epoxy and then the piece of teak which was coated with epoxy before placing it on top of the mat. The layers were weighed down overnight while the epoxy cured.

The stainless roller is mounted with 4 5/16" bolts and the starboard bow chock was moved back a couple of inches and remounted. Before the final mounting I coated all sides of the teak with 2 coats of epoxy followed by 6 coats of varnish.

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