Forward Hatch Eyebrow
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Forward Hatch Eyebrow
By Guy Johnson - Puffin, 10M #6
The design of the front hatch on the Pearson 10M allows water past the gasket when hit by a wave coming over the bow. The overhanging lip catches the water and directs it against the sponge rubber gasket. To address this problem I made a teak strip that fills the gap between the hatch and the cabin house. The strip deflects the force of the green water away from the gasket and keeps the v-berth area dry.

The pieces are cut to match the angles of the cabin house and joined at the corners with simple lap joints and epoxy. Weep holes are cut underneath, and the trim piece is screwed to the fiberglass. Measure the angle on both sides of the hatch and test fit the pieces before assembling. After assembling varnish all sides with 6 coats of varnish then screw in place with caulking underneath, leaving the weep holes free. Install bungs to cover the screws and varnish the bungs.

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