#212 Engine
Pearson 10M #212 Engine
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Electric Drive
Photos and description of relacement of diesel engine with electric drive.

Volvo MD11 Diesel Engine Photos

Quater Berth Access Panel
To gain access to the engine and other gear I cut a large opening in the inboard face of the quarter berth...

Fuel Gauge Viewport
Fixing a leaky viewport...

Fuel Tank Repair
Photos and description of repair of aluminum fuel tank.

Engine raw water strainer
I installed a Groco AGR750S strainer on the engine raw water intake. It is mounted to the port side bulkhead of the engine compartment where access is easy with the stairs opened. The strainer has 3/4 NPT connections.

Engine Mounts
There were some problems with the engine mounts that I correced with a little fiberglass work and new mounts.

Stuffing Box
Stuffing Box re-packing and new hose

Vovlo Monoshift Reverse Gear
Some info on the Volvo Monoshift reverse gear used on the 10M (and a lot of other Volvo powered boats).

V-Drive replacement and general info - My v-drive fell victum to an abusive yard mechanic removing a stubborn propeller (or that's my theory). This page describes the damage to the drive and how I fixed it.

New Propeller Selection and Installation

Tachometer Testing
Testing the accuracy of the tachometer with a recording of the running engine.

For those considering re-powering their 10M with a new motor I have compiled a comparison table with some input from diesel mechanic (and Beta engine dealer) Joe DeMeres amd others. It is a PDF file with comparitive data on several different engines.
Engine Comparison Table