Pearson 10M Bottom Scrubber
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I made a bottom scrubber to use at the dock. It is a big round scrubby pad attached to a foam float and a paint roller frame with an extension. I can clean the whole bottom (except keel and rudder) with it from dockside. The foam is just a piece of 2" thick insulation foam you can get at a big box hardware place. The scrubby pad is for a floor cleaning machine. I basically sewed it onto the float with some string. The paint roller frame is for a 12" roller and fits into a piece of SS tubing that I just duct-taped to the foam float. I bent the handle of the paint roller frame so the pad angles up to the boat bottom.

It takes 15-20 minutes to do one side of the boat. I need to turn the boat around in the slip or move to another slip to do the other side. Before haul-out I spent 3 or 4 minutes cleaning a section to see how it would look compared to the un-cleaned portion. I missed some spots but you can see how well the scrubber worked.