Bulkhead Tabbing
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This drawing shows the method I used to tab bulkheads to the hull. I start by brushing neat epoxy (no fillers) onto hull, then several layers of biax tape to serve as a bulkhead backing strip. This is to help prevent a hard spot on the hull from the bulkhead mounting. The bulkhead is put in place and a mix of epoxy and 406 filler is filled into the gap between the bulkhead and the hull. This is shaped into a fillet to give the tabbing a gentle radius. Several layers of overlapping tabbing are applied over this. All of this is done in a continuous process so that there is primary bonding (chemical crosslinking) between epoxy layers for the entire tabbing sctructure and the fillet filling.
The tabbing could be laid in without the filler but adding it in the process (with primary bonding) greatly reduces the tendancy for the tabbing to peel from the back side.