Pearson 10M Canopy
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Here are some photos of the sun canopy. It's about 10 feet wide at the front and tapers to 8 feet at the back. It's 12 feet long. It has 1/2" diameter fiberglass rods and is supported by the main halyard and tied to the mast and backstay. Strings with plastic snap clips tie it down to the lifelines. The canvas came with the boat. it had aluminum twist-lock poles which didn't hold up (bent). The fiberglass poles are better and let me snug it all pretty tight for breezy conditions. It is fine in 10-15 knots, maybe to 20. I stow it rolled on the 10' rods hanging from the starboard handrail in the cabin. I have left it up underway while motoring on the ICW. It was really great to have the shade. I have even sailed with it using just the headsail. I set it high enough for standing headroom on the cabin top. There is a slot with a zipper for the topping lift that I don't need now with the rigid vang. The sun canopy compliments the bimini nicely and I can have it up while motoring or even sailing with just a genoa.

If I were making this now I would not have it taper at the back and I would make it wider. 11 feet or maybe 12 if I could get the fiberglass rods that long and store it all.

DHP - August 2010

Bimini Top