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Motor: Motenergy ME1616
Operating Voltage: 48 (as installed)
Max RPM @48V: 2400
Max continuous power with cooling/no cooling: 12kW / 6.7kW
Max Temp: 160C
Coolant Flow: 4 to 10 liters/min
Weight: 25.2 kg (56 lbs)

Battery Voltage: 48
Battery Capacity: 13,400 Whr
Useable Capacity at 80% DoD: 10,720 Whr
Max Output: 13.4kW (1.0 C rating)
Assembled Weight: apr 200 lbs (w/case, bms, buss bars, etc)
Dimensions: 29.25x13x10.25 (LxWxH)

Charger: Thunderstruck EV TSM2500
Time to Fully Recharge: 7 hrs at 1500 watts
Time to recharge from 1 trip out/back: apr 90 min

Range and Speed
Number of trips out/back on full charge: 5 (apr. 5 mile round trip at 5 knots)
Range at 5 knots: 26 miles (2000 Watts)
Range at 4 Knots: 37 miles (1200 Watts)
Max Speed: 7 Knots (11,000 watts)
Range at 7 Knots: apr 7 miles

Full Season Data
Days sailing 2021: 79
Hours Motoring: apr 100
Total Charging Logged: 161.66 kWh
Average power used per sailing day:2.046kWhr per day
Total Power Cost: $8.42 (at $.0521/kWh)The diesel would have cost $200 for the same use (at APR. $3.50/gal).

Power into battery while sailing
(measured by Victron 712)
5 knots : apr 100-130 Watts
6.5 knots: apr 400 Watts
7-7.5 knots: 400-500 Watts

Volvo MD11 w/fuel system: 860lbs
Electric Drive System: 400lbs
Planned Diesel Genset w/fuel system: 300lbs
Planned Solar System: 120lbs

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