Galley Faucet
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New Galley Faucet

I replaced the faucet in the galley with a new Delta laundry tub faucet. This is a good quality solid brass (chromed) faucet with the same connector dimensions as the OEM galley faucet in my 10M. But since it is not marketed for marine use it only costs $36 at Lowes. I got some adapters to connect the faucet directly to the OEM plastic supply lines. It took about 25 minutes to get the old faucet out and maybe 4 minutes to get the new one in. Very easy project. The faucet has threads at the end of the swivel spout to connect a garden hose.

Parts Used
Delta Model # 2131 Faucet
Flair-It 16874 coupling (3/8P x 1/2FPT BSP)