Head Locker Mods
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There is a large inaccessible space under the head sink locker. The space is wedge shaped and about 14" deep at the inboard end and 6" outboard. The inboard edge of the space is just a few inches from centerline and about a foot ahead of the keel. That's a perfect spot for the speedo impeller.

I mounted a Tempress access hatch (# 44230) in the face of the panel. This will allow easy access to the speedo impeller and head intake seacock.

Drawing (PDF file)
Space under the locker below the head sink

Head Intake and Sink Drain
The head intake and sink drain share the same seacock. They connect with a simple T-fitting on the seacock. To flush the head with sea water or drain the sink you open the seacock. To flush the head with fresh water (which helps reduce odor a lot) you close the valve, fill the sink and pump the head. The water in the sink will go into the head. For winterizing I just pour some pink antifreeze in the sink and pump it through the system.

The other hose in this picture is the feed hose from the forward water tank.

Head Plumbing Schematic

Depth Sounder Box
This photo shows the box I made to make my depth sounder shoot through the hull. It is filled with baby oil (veggy oil works too and mabe water?) and was fabricated from some basic PVC parts and epoxied to the hull. The PVC was roughed up a lot where the epoxy needed to bond to it. I put a hole in the top that I threaded for a #10 screw. This is a vent for the oil so I can get the air out. There is a small o-ring under the screw. It all seems to work so far. If it proves flaky I will probably put it through the hull.