Keel Fairing
Pearson 10M Keel Fairing

The 10M has external lead ballast. The aft edge of the lead is vertical. Attached to this is a fiberglass extension fairing to complete the foil shape. It is triangular and extends about 23" aft of the lead at the bottom and 1" at the top. It is glued onto a rabbit on the aft edge of the lead and possibly has bolts bedded into the lead. I have seen one 10M where this extension was torn off. It looked to me as though the boat had been run aground and was twisted on the keel while being pulled.
These are photos of a 1974 P10M that had the keel fairing torn off.

Keel Blocking Diagram
One way to let the yard know
there is a fairing on the keel...

Does it really matter if the keel is properly blocked? You decide...
Note the foam core on this keel fairing. I think this is a refit and not the OEM fairing.
I think the OEM fairing was filled with resin and fibers using a chopper gun.

Repair Documentation
Garland Kitchens describes the process he used to replace his lost keel fairing...

Repair Documentation
Graham Bryan's fairing replacement on Ragtime (#107)...
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