Project Ideas
Pearson 10M Project Ideas
This page has some drawings and discussion of some project ideas I have talked with other owners about. Some are practical some are fanciful. Some may give you ideas of your own. I would like to hear about them. If you would like to share your ideas email me with a write up and I'll include it on the site.
Interior Project Ideas

Double-Wide Quarterberth
The quarterberth on the 10M is pretty narrow. At the foot it's only about 12". There is a space between the quaterberth housing and the cockpit foot well that is basically un-used. It can be handy for storing some items but it might be better clamed as space to widen the quaterberth. There are a couple ways to do this. The simplest would be to cut out the inboard face of the housing and build in a bottom and partition from plywood to extend the space and enclose it.

A more ambitious plan would be to remove the quarterberth housing entirely and build a new housing. This would let you open the space vertically for more head room and more room to stuff sails or duffels in there (the real utility of the space?). This plan is illustrated in the rendering here. I just re-touched a photograph.
Plan Drawing
Space between quarterberth and cockpit foot well
The OEM layout

Port Settee to Dinette Conversion
The port settee and storage lockers could be replaced by a very large dinette that converts to a large double berth. I have discussed this idea with some other owners and I made a drawing to get an idea of what it would be like. I like dinettes but I don't know if I would want to give up the nice open feel of the 10M interior to one.
The OEM layout

Reversing the Nav Station
This idea came up after a discussion about removing the quarter berth to get back some locker space and improve access to the engine (see my page on the q-berth access panel I cut). I thought if your going to take out the berth then you could reverse the nav satation so you sit facing aft and increase the desk top area by 1/2 or more. Comminucation with the cockpit would be better too and you could share some space with the galley counter. There might be a problem with foot room but it isn't that great in the OEM configuration either. I made a drawing and doctored up a photo of my nav station to get an idea of what this mod might look like. The bulkhead under the bridge deck (filled in where the berth was) would be a good place to install instruments. OEM configuration

Reversed Nav Station with Dinette

Deck Project Ideas

Stern Rail
Bording the boat from the transom ladder would be easier if the sternrail were split in the middle. I carried this a bit further whith an idea for a rail that extends forward to enclose most of the cockpit. I made a drawing on a PDF file. There are pros and cons to this idea. The long side rails provide a nice secure place to lean but they might interfere a bit with boarding the boat in certain kinds of slips. Seats could be placed in the corners as you see on modern Catalinas. Tops in Quality could do the entire fabrication but it won't be cheap. Probaby in the $1,000 range. Someday? And check out this modification I had done at the Adobe Boatworks: Walk Through Transom

Opening Ports
Do you need opening ports? When the brokers are showing you the boats they say things like "you don't really need all those ports" or, "they don't really provide any more ventilation then the forward hatch" and so on. And when you talk to those who have boats with them they say, "they are so great, the cross breeze makes all the difference". I think I agree with the owners after spending time on both types of boats. It is a huge difference.

Articulated Bow Sprit
I saw something like this in an article in Sail Magazine (Gary Hoyt's idea). The idea is to set the tack of an asymetric or code 0 on the articulated sprit. The base as I drew it attaches to a re-configured stem fitting. There are plates welded to either side that extend forward to support the bottom of the articulated sprit. The unit is designed to swing above the anchor roller and to tuck in next to the pulpit when folded back.

A control line lets you set it at 90 degrees to get the tack to windward. This is great for sailing off the wind. As you get up closer I think you would want to ease this forward to centerline for close winded with the code 0. But then you have a problem with the control line and the angle. You would need something like a reaching strut to get a more workable ange. Is it all worth it?

Crazy Ideas
Crazy Idea #1, Crazy Idea #2

Pearson 10M Projects . . . Projects that have actually been done
Pearson 26 Projects
Before I had the 10M I had a Pearson 26. I did a lot of projects on that boat. See this page for details. While a lot of these are specific to the P26 the concepts are applicable to any boat.