Pearson 10M Projects

Engine Projects
Click to see various maintenance and improvement projects on the engine and related systems on my 10M.

Planning for a Diesel Genset for the Electric Drive
Photos and description and plans for the diesel genset.

Traction Battery for Electric Drive
Photos and description and design details of the battery for the electric drive.

Partners Repair
Photos and description of repair to core damage in the deck aroud the mast hole.

Seacock Installation
Photos and description of installing a new seacock and thru-hull for raw water intake.

Electric Drive
Photos and description of relacement of diesel engine with electric drive.

Top Down Asymetric Spinnaker
Photos and description of masthead fitting, bowsprit, and rigging.

Boom Upgrade
Photos and description of boom upgrade with internal control lines.

Port Replacement
Photos and description of the installation of Vetus PZ75 opening ports.

Hoyt Jib Boom
Photos and description of Hoyt jib boom installation along with performance information and comparison to whisker pole.

Fuel Tank Repair
Photos and description of repair of aluminum fuel tank.

New Bimini Top
Photos and description of new bimini.

Stainless Steel Cabintop Handrails
Photos and description of handrail fabrication and mounting.

Canvass Sun Canopy Photos
Photos of the sun canopy.

Comprehensive Bottom Job
Photos and description of bottom job including stripping of old failing barrier coat, surface prep and fairing, new barrier coat, and bottom paint.

Icebox Anatomy
Photos and description of the dissassembly of the galley section and icebox.
Galley rebuild
Photos and description of the galley rebuild.

Quarterberth and Nav Station Re-Build
Photos and description of the dissassembly and re-build of the quarterberth and the navigation station.

V-Berth Rebuild
Photos and description of the dissassembly and re-build of the v-berth and the locker/tank space below.

Insulation and trim in V-berth
Photos and description of Insulation and trim in V-berth.

Water Tank Re-Fit
Photos and description of the re-fit of new settee water tanks to increase capacity. In the re-fit project of my 10M I removed the forward water tank. To compensate for the lost capacity I want ot enlarge the capacity of the setteee tanks. Those tanks are about 24 gallons each. The space under each settee is much larger than the tank. If fully optimized each tank could hold more than 50 gallons...

Fixed Port Anatomy
Photos and description of fixed ports on the Pearson 10M. These are the same as the ports on most Pearsons build between about 1969 and 1982.

New Mast Step
The OEM mast step on the 10M is made of steel. It sits in the bottom of the bilge and is in direct contact with the aluminum mast. Add a little salt water to this and you have a galvanic cell where the less noble metal will start giving up electrons. That's the aluminum in this case. Every 10M I have seen has this problem at the mast base. My solution is a new fiberglass mast step supported up out of the bilge on fiberglass floors (transverse beams).

New Rigging
When we got our 10M it still had the original standing rigging (23 years old). Several factors lead me to replace all of it. Read all about it...

Chainplate Knees
On 10M's prior to about hull #102 (1975) the primary chainplates were attached to fiberglass knees about 6" aft of the main bulkhead. There were problems with this configuration and Pearson issued a recall and modified the entire arracgement on later hulls. My 10M (#212) is post revision so I had no need to address this issue. My chainplate page describes the problems in more detail and describes a repair process that upgrades the older configuration to one like the new.

Water System Modification
I have a few upgrades planned for my water system. I plan to add a filter, an accumulator (to smooth water flow) and a dock water hookup. The dock water hook up will also be able to fill the water tanks through the feed hoses.
Water System Schematic (#212)

V-Berth Step
I added a couple of wood strips to support the v-berth insert at a lower height so that my 2 year old could climb into the v-berth on his own. It's also just the right height to stand on and stick your head out the hatch.

Shelves for Forward Hanging Locker
I plan to add shelves in the small forward hanging locker to store clothes on. I think there will be 3 shelves about a foot apart. I will also add a shelf in the back of the larger hanging locker like one I added on my P26. I'll loose some hanging locker space but I think the shelves will be more useful. I will also probably add some insulation on the hull inside the locker to prevent condensation.
Drawing of shelves

Forward Hatch Hepair
The forward hatch on the Pearson 10M is a custom molded unit. Owners will want to take good care of it as replacements will be hard to come by. On early boats the center section was translucent fiberglass. These hatches are one piece with no seams. Sometime later in the production run Pearson added a smoked Lexan insert in place of the translucent fiberglass center. The Lexan is fastened into a flange in the rim with screws around the perimeter. The top of the Lexan is lower then the rim around it allowing water to collect and eventually leak onto the v-berth. To fix the leak the Lexan should be removed and re-bedded on a clean flange. The flange can be built up with epoxy and filler or fiberglass so the Lexan sits flush with the frame to prevent collection of water.

Battery Re-Location
My 10M came to me with two group 27 batteries in the starboard cockpit locker just aft of the hot hot water tank. They took up a lot of space in the locker that I want for storage. I relocated the batteries to another location.

Head intake and speedo impeller relocation
There is a good size space under the bottom of the locker below the sink in the head. It is a great location for the speedo impeller forward of the keel and close to center line. The factory location was in the engine compartment. I also want to place the head intake in this space so it is accessed from the head compartment instead of from the v-berth.

Quater Berth Access Panel
To gain access to the engine and other gear I cut a large opening in the inboard face of the quarter berth...

Galley Faucet
Galley faucet replacement...

Sea Water Washdown
A system that provides sea water on deck for washing the anchor or anything else (small children?).

Garboard Drain
A drain plug in the bottom of the bilge.

Stern Cleats
New stern cleats/chocks.

Foredeck Padeyes
I mounted some big padeyes on the foredeck.

Boarding Ladder
Boarding Ladder Reinforcing and stainless steel backing plates

Ice Box Crates
Small Plastic crates to help organize the ice box...

Hull Cores
Photos of hull cores from various thru-hull installations...

Pearson 26 Projects
Before I had the 10M I had a Pearson 26. I did a lot of projects on that boat. See this page for details. While a lot of these are specific to the P26 the concepts are applicable to any boat.