Steering Gear
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Steering Gear

These photos show the under deck steering gear on Pearson 10M #212.

The first shows the rusty steel plate that mounts under the pedistal. Note that the plate is steel (not stainless or even galvanized) and it is badly rusted. Note also that the bolts that hold the pedistal to this plate are aluminum with steel nuts. This is all original Edson gear.

The 2nd 3rd and 4th photos show the steering cable and the sheaves it runs through along with the support beams the sheaves are mounted to. Note the cross beam ahead of the quadrant.

The 5th photo shows the rudder shaft, rudder shaft stuffing box, and the quadrant. In the background you can see some of the glass work that holds the support beams for the steering cable sheaves. It is pretty poor quality (in my opinion) and this was a factory installation.

The next shows the OEM wheel installation in the cockpit.
Click here for a bonus image of the cockpit with the wheel removed and a walk through transom! No tiller either, steer with the sails.

The last photo shows the emergency tiller in place. This is what came with the boat but I don't think it was a custom fit. It is tall enough to reach above the wheel if the wheel were located aft in the cockpit. A better configuration on my 10M would be to have the emergency tiller come up just a couple of feet so you could sit comfortably while using it. The bottom of the emergency tiller has a square flange fitted to it to mate to the square top of the rudder shaft (1"). I can't just cut this down although I could cut it off and weld it back on to make the height more reasonable.