Pearson 10M systems information

Pressure Water System
The 10M came with two 20 gallon water tanks located under the port and starboard settees. An optional third 20 gallon tank is located under the v-berth. There are seperate deck fills for each tank and the outlets lead to a set of gate valves under the sink. After the valves the tank lines combine and run to the pressure pump in the starboard cockpit locker. There is also a tap for the galley foot pump befor the pressure pump. After the pump the lines splts for cold water feed and the feed to the hot water tank in the starboard cockpit locker.

I have a few upgrades planned for my water system. I plan to add a filter, an accumulator (to smooth water flow) and a dock water hookup.

Water System Schematic (OEM)
Water System Schematic (#212)
Water Heater, water pump and two batteries in staboard cockpit locker
Head Plumbing Schematic (#212)

Seawater Washdown System
The first time you haul in your anchor from Chesapeake mud you understand the utility of a seawater washdown system. My plan is to install one that shares the thru-hull for the head sea water intake and has an outlet at the bow and perhaps one at the stern. The pump will probably go in the same locker space as the thru-hull under the the port side of the v-berth. Typical pumps draw 5-10 amps. That seems like a lot but since the engine is invariably running when bringing the anchor up the load should be easially delt with.
Seawater Washdown System
See how it was done on the P424 Wings...

Steering System
Some photos of the under deck steering gear...