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January 2022
Electric Drive Limits Discussion of limits in design of electric drive
Electric Drive Instrumentation Details on the instrumentation for the electric drive
Electric Drive Cooling System New details on cooling system for electric drive
Electric Drive Performance Data Some notes and collected data
Photos Added some new photos
Electric Drive Unit Details of mechanicals of electric drive
Photos of Asym Spinnaker New photos from last season...
Partners Repair Repairing core damage in the deck aroud the mast hole
Battery Details Design of the battery for the electric drive
Seacock Installation Installing a new seacock and thru-hull for raw water intake
Diesel Genset Planning for a diesel genset for propulsion and charging power

December 2021
Electric Drive Replacing 43 yr old diesel engine with a 12kW electric drive

February 2021
Boom Upgrade Replaced the OEM boom with a used Z-Spar boom with internal control lines

September 2020
Top Down Furling Asymetric Spinnaker New bowsprit and masthead crane

October 2019
Videos Videos of jib boom from masthead

September 2019
Hoyt Jib Boom Strengthening the Boom Splice

August 2019
Hoyt Jib Boom 2019 Update . . . New Sail for Self Tacking Boom

January 2019
Installing Vetus Opening Ports

November 2018
Bottom Scrubber
Hoyt Jib Boom . . . Added sailing tracks

October 2018
Hoyt Jib Boom . . . Updated with performance info
Hoyt Jib Boom Comparison to Whisker Pole
Drawings added to Documents Page . . . Sail Plan, Arrangement Plan, Lines Drawing

September 2018
Hoyt Jib Boom

August 2018
Fuel Tank Repair

July 2018
Insulation and trim in V-berth
New Bimini Photos
Cross Section Picture of Hull Deck Joint

August 2010
New Stainless Steel Cabin Top Handrails
Canvass Sun Canopy Photos
Bimini Photos

April 2010
Pearson Recall Notices
Boarding Ladder Photos

June 2009
Engine Photos

November 2008
Spartite Mast Wedge

September 2008
New Drawings

July 2008
Major Bottom Job . . . Updated

June 2008
Major Bottom Job . . . Old barier peel, re-do old blister repair, fair, new barrier coat, bottom paint

May 2008
Mast wiring conduit photos . . . Update

June 2007
Quarterberth and Nav StationRebuild . . . Update
V-Berth Rebuild Project . . . Update

May 2007
Weep Holes in lockers
Quarterberth and Nav StationRebuild . . . Update
V-Berth Rebuild Project . . . Update

April 2007
Galley rebuild . . . Update

March 2007
Quarterberth and Nav StationRebuild
Galley rebuild . . . Update
V-Berth Rebuild Project . . . Update

January 2007
Galley rebuild

September 2006
Keel fairing replacement on #107

August 2006
Ice Box Crates (to help organize)

July 2006
10M with Transom Cutout

November 2005
Updated Index
Keel fairing replacement
Water Tank Refit

May 2005
Fabulous 3d Photos...
Anatomy of the ice box and galley cabinetry - Update
Ice Box Dimensions

April 2005
V-Berth Rebuild Project
Anatomy of the oven pan and ice box
Anatomy of a fixed port and frame

March 2005
Anchor Roller Update
Standing Rigging Calculations
Updated mast step replacement page

February 2005
Articulated Bow Sprit Concept
Variations ... Photos of boats with variations (loads a bit slow - from www.pearsoninfo.net)
Updated Index

January 2005
Parts Catalog ('77)

October 2004
Deck Core Repair

September 2004
PVC cover frame attached to rub rail (Page on www.pearsoninfo.net)

August 2004
Boat on stands in driveway

June 2004
Photos of hanging locker and port side water tank

May 2004
Pearson Current 10M issue suppliment

April 2004
Volvo MSB reverse gear info

March 2004
Anchor Roller

December 2003
Double-Wide Quaterberth Idea
Drawing of mast top with dimensions (gif file)
Updated Owners List
Foredeck Drawing (gif file)
Drawing of forward hatch lexan hatch insert
Fixed Port Dimensions (gif file)

November 2003
Photo of new mainsail tack fitting
Garboard Drain

October 2003
Foredeck Padeyes
Better drawing of propeller clearance
Updated Owners List - #183 in Malaysia
Drawing of propeller clearance on 10M #212

September 2003
Engine bed repair and new mounts
Optional OEM Bow Sprit Photo
Updated Owners List
An improved mast step repair method

August 2003
Angle of Vanishing Stability
Updated Owners List

July 2003
Pearson Current web suppliment page
Sea Water Washdown system - update
Forward hatch repair - update
Updated Owners List
Photo and measurement drawing of stove space
Forward hatch eyebrow on Puffin (hull #6)

June 2003
New page for engine projects
New Stern Cleats
PVC wiring conduit in mast
Forward hatch repair
Updated Owners List

May 2003
Cushion Dimensions
Photo of stove space
PHRF Ratings
Walter V-Drive Repair
Sea Water Washdown
Updated water system schematic
Updated Owners List
Head Plumbing Schematic

Apr 2003
Testing the Tachometer
Adding an Anchor Roller to Puffin (hull #6)
Fuel gauge viewport repair

Mar 2003
Updated Owners List

Feb 2003
Photo of head intake/sink drain seacock
New Drawing
Updated Owners List
Photos of hard to see spaces
Keel Blocking Diagram

Jan 2003
Updated Owners List
Index Page. . .still coming together
Some new photos
Photos of thru-hull patch
Rigging page
New rigging page
High resolution profile drawing
Brochure featuring hull #1
Hanging Locker Shelves
Dix Metre - Hull #1
Owners list update

Dec 2002
Documents Page
OEM Price Sheet (1978) Page 1 | Page 2
OEM Equipment Sheet (1978)
Updated Owners List
USYRU VPP and stability data
Stuffing Box
Project Ideas page
Boarding Ladder Reinforcing
New photo of engine access from quarter berth cutout
10M at the factory

Nov 2002
Photo of a 10M just out of the mold

Sept 2002
Photos of the under deck steering gear
USYRU MHS data and diagrams
New faucet for the Galley Sink

Aug 2002
Patching thru-hull holes in the bottom
Hull Cores
Chain Plate Page
New photos of mast step project
New water tank measurements

June 2002
New Mast Step
New rig measurements and masthead sheave dimensions

February 2002
Head Locker Mods
Quarter Berth Access Panel

January 2002
New drawings . . . Measurement drawing of spaces on 10M
Electrical diagrams from owners manual