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These are individual and class assosiation sites that I have come across on the web. I am sure there are many more that I haven't found. If you have one or know of one email me and I'll add it to this list.
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Check out the much more comprehensive list at the Good Old Boat magazine web site.

The Alberg 22 Site NEW
Alberg 30 Class Association (Chesapeake Bay)
Chris Sousa's ALBERG 30 Homepage
West Coast Alberg 30 Page
Alberg 30 "Sea Dance"
Alberg 35 Home Page
Alberg 37 International Owners Association

Allied Boat Company

Aloha Owners Association

Doug Axtell's Bristol Yachts Page
The Bristol 29.9 Sailing Vessel Owner's Association

Beneteau Owners Site

The Bluenose Class Sloop

The Original Unofficial Buccaneer Sailboat Site
Pacific Star

C&C Photo Album and Resource Center
C&C Corvette Association
C&C 35 Mark I and Mark II
C&C Sailing Association
C&C Sailing Club Chesapeake Bay

Dan Dalrymple's Sailing Old Cal Yachts Page

Cape Dory
Cape Dory Owners Association (California)
Rhapsody, Cape Dory 25D

Catalina 22 National Sailing Association | C22-NSA links page to lots of Catalina sites...
Catalina 25/250 National Association
Catalina 27 Association Web Site
Darrell Zabaldo's Catalina 27 site | Darrell's large list of Catalina Links (and more)
Catalina 28 National Association
International Catalina 30 Association
Catalina 320 International Association
Catalina 34 Home Page
Capt. Al's Catalina 34 Upgrade Page
Catalina 380 International Association
Catalina 400 National Association
Catalina 42 International Association
Lake Erie Catalina Owners Association (LECOA)
Lake Michigan Catalina Association
The Catalina Owners Association UK
Catalina Association of Puget Sound

Cheoy Lee
James & Cilla McGarvey's Cheoy Lee Sailboat Association Web Site

Chris Craft
Dave Erickson's Apache 37 Home Page (Sail boat)

Clipper Marine
Clipper Marine Owner's Association
Michael Connor's Clipper Marine Site
All Clipper Marine website
Joe Cox's Clipper Marine 21-footer

Sailnet FTP Site for Columbia Owners
Eric White's Columbia Yacht Owners Association
Blair Arden's Columbia 26MK2 Page
Columbia 50 Cruising Club

Command Yachts
Command Yachts Douglas 31 and 32
Douglas 32 MkII - Blue Water Cruising Sailing Vessel

The Unofficial Coronado Sailboat Page

Ericson Yachts Site
Sailnet FTP Site for Ericson Owners
Ericson 32
Ericson 35

Express 27
Express 27 Class Website

San Francisco Bay Folkboat Association
Ken Kurlychek's International Folkboat Site
Pat Johnson's Folkboats Forever Page

Fuji 32 Ketch Valhalla
Seiji Yamada's Fuji 35 Stardust
Bill & Sue Ashenhart's Fuji 35 site
Sam & Cheryl Boyle's Fuji 45 Bon Lass

Dave Gibson's Classic Hallberg-Rassys of North America

wallybryant's Islander 28

J Boats
Chris Duer's J/24 Cavitation
Rich Galaska's J/30 Breezin'
J/30 Class Association
J/35 Class Association (Lake Michigan)
another J/35 site
Cruising J/Boats Site

Merit 25
Paul Kanam's Merit 25 Home Page

Scott's Morgan 24 Sailing Page

Naomi J.
Per Ronny Gustavsen's Yacht Naomi J.

Paceship Homepage

The Unofficial Ensign Sailing Home Page
Ensign Class Association
Ken Jolly's Pearson Electra Page
24 Pearson 24
Ariel Association
Ed Foster's Ariel Orca
David Bogle and Claudia Guerra's 1965 Pearson Commander
26 Moorph's P26
Dan Pfeiffer's P26 Site
Corey Swanson's P26 Page
Highly modified interior
P26 Andiamo
P26 Xingu
Another highly modified interior
John Gibbons' P26 "Delayed Reality"
Jason kahabka's P26 Page
Johnson Spratt's P26 Weekender Page
Morris Beavers' Site with Owners Guide
Chris Delling's Wavelength
27 P27 Owner's Web Site
Renegade Mike Lehmkuhl's Pearson Renegade Page
Harry Dunham's Pearson Renegade Page
Lawrence Bausman's Pearson Renegade Page
28 Captain Ron's Pearson 28 Page
Lee Kennedy's Pearson 28 Page
Mark Petrush's Pearson 28 Page
Pearson 28-2 Sequel
Pearson 28 Forum
Triton National Triton Association
New England Triton Association
Tim Lackey's 1963 Pearson Triton restoration page
Larry Suter's Triton Page
The Triton "KAHOLEE"
The Triton "Jade"
Coaster David Wilsmore's Coaster Straylight
Mike and Anita Stevens' "Mi Chula"
30 Jon Stein's Pearson 30 Squid
Dave Wehr's Pearson 30 Site
Chris Wilson's Pearson 30 Site
Captain Rob's Pearson 30
Phil Poirier's P30 Doubloon
Gregs Sailing Page
Jim Woods' P30 Opus
Pearson 30 Class Home Page
Chris Stump's P30
303 P303 Owners List
Vanguard Pearson Vanguard Page
Paul Koch's Pearson Vanguard Paragon
10M Dan Pfeiffer's 10M Site
35 Pearson 35 Refit Page
Mike Putegnat's excellent Pearson 35 site
365 Pearson 365 International Owners Association
Larry Griffin's Pearson 365 Site
37 37 Racer site on egroups egroups registration required
385 Jonathan Bailey's Pearson 385 CC Home Page (386 stuff too)
Bill Rogers' 385 Halcyon
40 P40 Mighty Melissa
Chip Lawson's P40 site
Rhodes 41 Ben Stavis's BountyII-Pearson Rhodes 41 Page
422 The Pearson 422 Owners Website
424 Wings Home Page
Pearson 424 Informational Website
John Stevenson's page
Countess The Countess Club

Ranger 22

Rawson 30

Sailnet FTP Site for Rhodes Owners
The Rhodes 19 Internet Connection
Rhodes Reliant Offshore 40

S2 6.7 & 6.9 Class Assosiation
S2 7.9 Class Assosiation

South Coast Seacraft
South Coast Seacraft Owners' Association

Swede 55
Swede 55 Fast Lane - (in Swedish)

Sailnet FTP Site for Tartan Owners
Tartan Owners of New England
Lauren's T28 Bright Eyes
Tartan 30 Page
Tartan Ten Page
Tartan Ten Class Association
Tartan Blackwatch

Tayana Owners' Group

Vancouver 28 "Rusalka Mist"

Yankee 30

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