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Alexander, Caroline (1999) The Endurance - Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition, Alfred A. Knoph
A gripping account of the Shackleton Antarctic expedition of 1914-16. Excellent photographs. I almost read this book in one sitting. Think you have it hard? Read this book and stop being a sissy.
ISBN 0-357-40403-1, LOC # 98-87214

Aston, Mick & Tim Taylor (1998) The Atlas of Archaeology, DK Publishing, Inc
Wonderful book on archaeological sites with wonderful detailed maps and illustrations. Interesting information on archaeological methods.
ISBN 0-7894-3189-0, LOC # 97-32262, Cat # CC165.T36 1998

Carnes, Mark C & John A. Garraty with Patric Williams (1996) Mapping America's Past, Henry Holt and Company, Inc.
America and it's history told in maps.
ISBN 0-8050-4927-4, LOC # 96-34030, Cat # G1201.S1 C3 1996

Worsley, F.A. 1977 (193?) Shackleton's Boat Journey, WW Norton and Company
Frank Worsley was the captain of the Endurance, Sir Ernist Shackleton's ship for his attempt at a trans Antarctic crossing in 1914. The Endurance was trapped and eventually crushed by the pack ice in the Weddell Sea. This book is a first hand account of the small boat voyage from the ice to Elephant Island and from there to South Georgia Island, 800 miles across the southern ocean. A truly remarkable feat of seamanship. Originally published in the 1930's.
ISBN 0-393-31864-8, LOC # 76-53808, Cat # G850.1914.W63 1977


Blandford, Percy W. (1992) Maps and Compasses, 2nd Ed., McGraw Hill
A good guide on using maps and compasses in the field and on simple surveying. Excellent explanation of plain table surveying.
ISBN 0-8306-2141-5, LOC # 91-12050, Cat # GA151.B53 1991

Brown, Lloyd A. (1979) The Story of Maps, Dover Publications, Inc.
A re-publication of a book first published in 1949. This is an excellent overview of the history of mapping with nice details on methods and technology. Very detailed notes and an extensive bibliography of the literature up to 1949.
ISBN 0-486-23873-3, LOC # 79-52395

Dent, Borden D. (1990) Cartography - Thematic Map Design, Wm. C. Brown
The standard text on thematic map design. An excellent reference.
ISBN 0-697-07991-0, LOC # 89-50282

Makower Joel, Ed. (1992) The Map Catalog, Tilden Press, Inc.
A source book of maps and map publications.
ISBN 0-679-74257-3, LOC # 92-53582, Cat # Z6028.M23 1992

Mommonier, Mark (1996) How to Lie with Maps, Second Edition, University of Chicago Press
Excellent introduction to cartography and map use. This book goes a lot deeper then you would expect from it's title and size. If you have one book to introduce cartographic principles with this is the one.
ISBN 0-8050-4699-2, LOC # 94-16945, Cat # G108.7.M65 1994

Mommonier, Mark C & John A. Garraty with Patric Williams (1995) Drawing the Line - Tales of Maps and Cartocontraversy, Henry Holt and Company, Inc.
Excellent reading on the use and miss-use of maps with many examples of skull duggery.
ISBN 0-226-53421-9, LOC # 95-32199, Cat # G108.7.M66 1996

Rand McNally (1991) The Shape of the World - The Mapping and Discovery of the Earth, Rand McNally
Accompanying book to the PBS series, "The Shape of the World". Excellent illustrations and descriptions of mapping from the Egyptians to satellites.
ISBN 0-528-83419-3, LOC # 90-053291

Whitfield, Peter (1994) The image of the World - 20 Centuries of World Maps, Pomegranate Artbooks
A nice history of world maps that really illustrates the developing understanding of the topology of the world.
ISBN 0-7649-0364-0


Bauer, Bruce (1995) The Sextant Handbook, McGraw Hill
If you have a sextant or want one this is a great book to have.
ISBN 0-07-005219-0, LOC # 92-2545, Cat # VK583.B38 1992

Bowditch, Nathanial (1995) The American Practical Navigator, Defense Mapping Agency
The standard reference book for navigators. I also have an older edition which is nice for the older methods that are dropped in the newer test.

Budlong, John P. (1977) Shoreline and Sextant, Van Nostrand Reinhold
An interesting book on coastal navigation techniques.
ISBN 0-442-21928-8, LOC # 76-52451, Cat # VK559.B854 1977

Cline, Duane A. (1984) Navigation in the Age of Discovery, Montfleury, Inc.
"If you ever wondered how navigators managed without GPS, Loran, radar, proper charts, or even a sextant, this is a good book to get an idea. We truly are sissies by comparison with our reliance on electronic aids. "
ISBN 0-9627213-0-1, LOC # 90-91870

Fisher, Dennis (1995) Lattitude Hooks and Azimuth Rings, International Marine
A very interesting book describing how to build traditional navigation tools. Lots of fun.
ISBN 0-07-021120-5, LOC # 94-37164, Cat # VK573.F56 1994

Keys, Gerry (1984) Practical Navigation by Calculator, Stanford Maritime
A great source book for algorithms and methods for solving navigation calculations with a scientific calculator. I have referred to it for many of the
navigation programs I have written for my HP41 calculator.
ISBN 0-540-07308-3 , Cat # VK584.C

Naval Training Command, The (1977) Navigation, David McKay Company, Inc.
US Navy textbook on navigation.
ISBN 0-679-50775-2, LOC # 77-78058

Shufeldt, H.H. & G.d. Dunlap (1991) Piloting and Dead Reckoning, Naval Institute Press
A nice navigation textbook with lots of clear examples.
ISBN 0-87021-664-3, LOC # 90-21712, Cat # VK555.S54 1991

Shufeldt, H.H. & Kenneth E. Newcomer (1980) The Calculator Afloat, Naval Institute Press
A very interesting book on the use of calculators for solving all sorts of navigation problems and other boat problems. One of the authors (Newcomer) was the principle developer of the Hewlett Packard HP-41 Navigation ROM. This is one of the best ROMs HP ever made for the 41. [HP41 Programs] Out of print but found me a copy.
ISBN 0-87021-116-1, LOC # 80-81091, Cat # VK587.S48 1980

Sobel, Dava (1995) Longitude, Walker and Company
An excellent account of 18th century clockmaker John Harrison's quest to build a truly functional marine timepiece. If you know anything about celestial navigation you know how important an accurate timepiece is. If you don't, read this book and you'll understand.
ISBN 0-8027-1212-2, LOC # 95-17402, Cat # QB225.S64 1995

US Coast Guard Auxiliary (1990) Advanced Coastal Navigation, US Coast Guard Auxiliary
An excellent text book on coastal navigation.
ISBN 0-930028-0-5, LOC # 86-51655

Williams, J. E. D. (1992) From Sails to Satellites, Oxford University Press
An excellent history of navigation. Did you know Mercator's projection was a graphical solution to a calculus problem devised 100 years before Lebnitz and Newton?
ISBN 0-19-856387-6, LOC # 92-8456, Cat # VK549.W55

Remote Sensing

Strain, Preiscilla & Frederick Engle (1996) Looking at Earth, Turner Publishing, Inc.
A Smithsonian Institute book with beautifully re-produced satellite imagery with key maps and explanations.
ISBN 1-57036-373-0

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