NOS Air Photos

The National Ocean Service has a very large set of coastal air photos on their server. They have a system called Mapfinder that you can use to locate available photos of a particular area. It is a bit cumbersome to use. I have created an index with direct links to the air photos for easier access. I have seperated these into sections with a small finder maps showing the extent of the photos. These are nice air photos mostly from the 1990's. I have annotated a few but I am not nearly as familiar with the areas as the natives. Have a look while and if you can provide more annotations I will add them to the page. Please send them to me at Thanks, DHP.
Coastal Air Photos
Lake Erie
North Carolina - Albemarle Sound - Coastal Air Photos
Chesapeake Bay, Maryland Waters
Chesapeake Bay - Virginia

Jim Tomlin's page of Chesapeake Bay Coordinates
NOS Map Finder web site: