More charts can be found on the NOS Map Finder web site:

There is overlap between these sections. Many photos are listed in more than one section. I have added a few annotations to better identify the photos. If you can provide annotations for any photos please send them to me at Thanks, DHP.

Clicking on a photo ID link will open the photo in a new browser window. Clicking on another photo ID link will will open that photo in the browser window of the previous photo. This way you can set the browser windows (index and photo) side-by-side for easier viewing.

The photos are GIF files about 900x900 pixels and about 500-800 kb in size. Scales vary as noted in the table. Resolution is 100 dpi from a 9x9" film. Photos with a scale of 40,000 cover an area about 5.5 miles square at about 150 pixels/mile. North is not always at the top of the photo. Most Photos are oriented so north is at top (roughly), some are not. I think the "Azimuth" column represents the bearing of the sun from the aircraft when the photo was taken (important to air photo interpreters). The coordinates given for the photo appear to be for the center but I have found some where the coordinates are not even a point within the photo.

See this page on the NOS web site for a description of the coastal air photos:

New Your City
Image ID Year Scale Azimuth Latitude Longitude
5WPH2502 1999 30000 204.0 40.8780 -73.9359
5WPH2504 1999 30000 205.4 40.8381 -73.9598
5WPH2506 1999 30000 205.7 40.7982 -73.9848
5WPH2508 1999 30000 207.3 40.7580 -74.0106
5WPH2510 1999 30000 178.3 40.8117 -74.0125
5WPH2512 1999 30000 180.7 40.7667 -74.0102
5WPH2514 1999 30000 183.9 40.7190 -74.0124
5WPH2516 1999 30000 182.2 40.6940 -74.0145
5WPH2518 1999 30000 179.5 40.6463 -74.0161
5WPH2520 1999 30000 179.1 40.5998 -74.0154