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Bottom Before Launch
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Bottom After Sandblasting
Top of Keel After Sandblasting
Bottom Before Launch
Seacock Installation
Bilge Pump Installation
Rudder Shaft Repair
Engine Well Drain
Under the Cockpit
Main Electrical Panel
Main Junction Box
2nd Battery Box

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This is the bottom just before launch for the 1997 season. This is the third season with VC Offshore and we are very happy with the performance of the paint. In lake Erie the biggest fouling problems are slime and algae which scrubs off easily. The Offshore is sturdy enough to be scrubbed without removing paint.
(See Maintenance Log for 5/4/97-5/9/97)

Details on keel and keel bolts

My bottom treatment went like this:

1st Year

2nd Year 3nd Year 4th Year 5th Year Hear are some tips I learned the hard way: