Pearson 39-2
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Maintenance Notes
Designer      Shaw   Main Area  317   Hull Speed  7.49
First Year    1986   For Tri    418   SA/D        17.1
Last Year     1991   I         52.3   D/L          263
LOA           39.0   J         16.0   BR           38%
LWL           31.3   P         45.3   L/B         3.12
Beam          12.5   E         14.0   LWL /B      2.50
Disp        18,000   Eng          D   OR           20%
Draft  6.9/4.6-8.8   Fuel      30.0   CSF         1.91
Sail Area      735   Water      106   MCR         28.5
Ballast      6,800   Mast Ht   57.0   M/F         0.76
                                      PHRF         114
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Bill Shaw's Comments About the Pearson 39

The popularity of cruising boats has grown tremendously over the past two decades.

More and more we find today’s sailors looking for comfortable cruising boats that sail really well, yet are easy to handle with only family or friends aboard.

The Pearson 39 is just this kind of boat, a contemporary performance oriented cruiser that delivers superb handling under both sail and power.

Several innovations have contributed to this. The rig is simpler. Thus it’s possible to reef both the main and jib with a small crew, without leaving the cockpit. Big, self tailing winches, a cabintop traveller, 44" elkhide covered wheel, contoured cockpit seating all help maintain full-time crew comfort.

All too often the words used to describe a boat’s characteristics get overworked. But, believe me, it you’ve experienced wide turning circles, the inability to track, surprises when backing down, a mushy response to a new, fresh breeze, or a low response to you touch on the wheel, you’ll know what I mean when I say the 39 handles like an extension of your thoughts.

Stepping belowdecks, you’ll have little choice but to be impressed by the warm rich wood with its cabinetmaker-quality joinerworker and hand-rubbed varnish finish. You will also find the finest in fabrics and design appointments. Classically elegant.

Drawing on the popularity of our other designs, we have produced an honest two-stateroom boat that is as comfortable for guests as it is for the owners. The galley is a chef’s delight. Spacious yet efficient, with ample counter space and everything within easy reach.

To summarize, the Pearson 39 is the result of years of experience coupled with the latest thinking in yacht design. With its hull configuration, space utilization, creature comforts and convenience, the Pearson 39 delivers superb performance and unmatched elegance.

Bill Shaw