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Pearson Packet - Description
Pearson Packet Overnighter

Now, by popular demand, Pearson offers a version of the popular Packet in the finest traditional styling. Unique cabin sleeps two, provides sitting headroom, five fixed ports, centerboard winch, optional head. Outboard well in self-bailing cockpit accommodates motors up to 7 HP. Generous storage area under seats. Teak cap rail, teak around cabin tops, and teak doors. Sitka spruce mast, boom, and boomkin. Dacron sails. Underwater fittings are bronze. Deck fittings are polished bronze. Deck is fiberglass with non-skid pattern. Rudder is fiberglass. Recapture the classic days of American sailing in this truly unique craft. Unusual blending of fine woods, custom hardware, and fine Pearson fiberglass craftsmanship assure top value. Arrange to sail one today!

Ron Davis wrote:
The Pearson Packet is a modified full keel day sailor, the bow is slightly covered, but not all of the way back to the mast. I know of only one Packet owners: Jay Bliss (jwbliss"at" who writes: I'm searching for info on the Pearson in my backyard, a Packet by the recollection of its previous owner. 18'lod, 21loa, 6.5'beam, sliding gunter rig annd I'd bet that Carl A designed her, but I have NO clue really. Open cockpit, sloop, built 1963 according to my FL title. I'm in St Augustine. Hopefully your reservoir has further info!!??? Thanks, Jay Bliss
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