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Surfing at 9.5 Knots
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Off Fairport
Sailing with 150
Sailing with 130
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Surfing at 9.5 Knots
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Sailing into Cleveland, OH

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August 15, 1997
This photo was taken on the last leg of our summer cruise on the way from Rocky River, OH to Fairport, OH. We were just off Cleveland in 25-30 knots of wind and 2-4 foot waves. We were routinely surfing to 8+ knots and were hitting mid 9's regularly enough for me to get my camera out and take this photo (you can see my shadow). Just before I shot this we caught a surf to 10.3. The apparent wind display can be seen with the wind at 150 degrees apparent and the knotmeter just below showing about 9.5. The boat was very stable and easy to control. The waves were not big enough to cause steering problems but just right for great surfs. The wind gusted up to about 30 knots for 50 seconds or so every 4 - 5 minutes. It was very consistent. We were flying the full main and a 130.

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Map By Dan Pfeiffer
Pyxis Trip - August, 1997