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Boom Modifications for Outhaul
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This photo shows the outhaul wire turning block and the exit for the topping lift that I added to the boom in the spring of 1996. The wire is connected to the clew with a custom made wire clamp (that means I made it myself because I couldn't find one)and a thimble . The wire leads around the turning block and into the boom through a custom made anti-twist plate to a 4:1 purchase. The control line exits on the port side of the boom 4 feet aft of the gooseneck where it is reachable from the companionway. I have added a snap shackle to the outhaul and when we reef I switch it to the reefing clew for better outhaul control. Reefed sail shape is excellent and easy to control. The topping lift has no purchase (I may add a 2:1 block where the line attaches to the wire from the masthead) and exits on the stbd side about 18 inches aft of the gooseneck. I installed an exit plate but in retrospect I should just have cut a slot and smothed the edges as I did for the internal halyards on the mast. That makes a much smaller hole and I have had no trouble with chafe. (See the drawing Boom End Modifications and the Maintenance Log for 12/26/94, 1/8/95 and 4/18/96)

Drawing of Boom Modifications

Parts For Outhaul
Harken 084 Double Block
Harken 085 Double Block W/Becket
Harken 302 Thru Deck Wire Block
Harken 089 Harken In-Line Exit Block
10' 1/4" Line
3" Clevis pin
6' 3/32 7x19 Wire
Wire Clamp (Home Made)
Nicro Snap Shackle

Parts For Topping Lift
Harken 243 Upright Block
Exit Plate
15' 1/4" Line