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These images are stereo pairs. You can view them in amazing 3D right on your monitor by relaxing your eyes to combine the images. Try it! Here's a tip on viewing the images. Get the image up on the screen. Pick a prominent feature on the image, like the clock in the picture of Fort Christiansted. Take your mouse pointer and hold it over the feature on the image for your less dominant eye (that's the right eye for me) and wiggle it as you try to blend the images. This helps me a lot and with a little practice it should work for you. Good luck, DHP.
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Cliff Palace - Mesa Verde, CO

Cleveland from the air

Giant Face on Planet Surface!

Sugar Mill - St Croix, USVI

Fort Christiansted - St Thomas, USVI

SS United States, Philidelphia, PA - Dec. 29, 2000

Red Brook Harbor, MA

Boat Photos

Grand Teton Park, WY

Paintbrush Canyon Grand Teton Park, WY

Driveway - Clemmons, NC

Cemetery - Farmington, NC

Farm - Clemmons, NC

Farm House - Stark County, NC

Old Depot - Winston-Salem, NC

Altun Ha, Belize

Altun Ha, Belize

Tabyana Beach, Rowaton Hondorus

Norwegian Dawn in Hondorus

New York City - Midtown

New York Harbor

All photos by Dan Pfeiffer (except Giant Face by Landsat? and Red Brook Harbor by NOS)

Sunsets and Lightning
Air Photos

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