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Bilge Pump Installation
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Bottom After Sandblasting
Top of Keel After Sandblasting
Bottom Before Launch
Seacock Installation
Bilge Pump Installation
Rudder Shaft Repair
Engine Well Drain
Under the Cockpit
Main Electrical Panel
Main Junction Box
2nd Battery Box

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This photo shows the electric bilge pump I installed under the companionway step. I put in a screw out access plate and got the highest capacity pump (900 gph) that fit through it. This makes cleaning it easier. You can also see the end of the pickup for the manual bilge pump and the aft most keel bolt. The bilge pumps are completely independent with separate hoses and thru-hulls. This is the deepest part of the bilge and is only about 5" below the cabin floor. I also carry a Beckson Thisty Mate 136PF6 bilge pump as a backup. This is a cylidrical hand pump with a 6' hose comming off the top. It has a capacity of 13 GPM. One nice feature of a pump like this is that you can pass it over to another boater in need.

(See Maintenance Log for 8/5/97)