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Main Electric Panel
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Bottom After Sandblasting
Top of Keel After Sandblasting
Bottom Before Launch
Seacock Installation
Bilge Pump Installation
Rudder Shaft Repair
Engine Well Drain
Under the Cockpit
Main Electrical Panel
Main Junction Box
2nd Battery Box

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This photo shows the main electric panel and the enclosure I built for it at the aft end of the shelf over the settee. The enclosure is of plywood and the switch panels are aluminum. I designed the panel to be flexible and make it easy to change the switch panel configuration. I built the enclosure before the '95 season and the switch panels are an ongoing project. This photo shows 6 circuit breakers, 9 switches, a battery meter and a shore power outlet. This project also gained me a few more inches of table space. I cut the teak shelf retainer back to the forward edge of the new electric panel. This is where the factory alcohol stove was. We use it for a chart table now. (See Maintenance Log for 3/12/95)

CAD drawing of the main electric panel
Interior Layout