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Main Junction Box
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Bottom After Sandblasting
Top of Keel After Sandblasting
Bottom Before Launch
Seacock Installation
Bilge Pump Installation
Rudder Shaft Repair
Engine Well Drain
Under the Cockpit
Main Electrical Panel
Main Junction Box
2nd Battery Box

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This photo shows the main junction box I built and installed in the port cockpit locker above the battery box. The power feeds from the circuit breakers on the main electrical panel lead here and connect with the wiring from the main switch panel and the various loads. I can re-connect any light or device to a different switch in case of a switch failure. The main switch panel (on the bulkhead by the companionway) and the main electrical panel (outboard of the table at the aft end of the settee) have extra switches on them. To the right you can see the battery connection posts that connect the batteries to the battery switch in the main electrical panel and the negative buss connector. (See Maintenance Log for 5/17/97)