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Settee Lockers
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Settee Lockers
Settee Locker Bottoms

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Outboard of the settee berth and the dinette in the main cabin there are shelves molded into the fiberglass cabin liner. (See the interior layout) Below these there is a large amount of space between the liner and the hull. I cut holes to access this space and made cover doors that flip down. I made bottoms for the new locker space to keep items from falling into the lockers under the settee and dinette seats. The bottom pieces are cantilevered from the horizontal part of the seat. They do not attach to the hull to allow for its flexing. The storage space we gained from this modification is enormous. We store several shoe box sized containers of small items, all of our sheets, snatch blocks, winch handles, flashlights and our spot light in the stbd space with room to spare. I put one of the access doors for the port site under the dinette table where the space is large enough to store large books including Bowditch. The space narrows as you go forward. (See Maintenance Log for 1/14/95)

The Bottom Pieces
The Inside of the Port Locker Space
Photo showing screws that hold locker bottom on stbd side
Interior Looking Aft . . . A good view of the settee with the new locker doors
Interior Layout