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Asymmetric Spinnaker
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Asymmetric Spinnaker

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This is our borrowed asymmetric spinnaker. It is almost as easy as a genoa to fly and a lot easier then the symmetric spinnaker. The tack runs to a line and down through a snatch block on the stem to the bow cleat. When I get a cabin top winch set up I'll run it to that for adjustment from the cockpit. The sheets need to be 55 feet long and run outside everything to blocks at the aft end of the cockpit. To gybe you head down wind, let the sheet go so the spinnaker flys out in front of the boat, gybe the main and pull in the other sheet. To bring the asymmetric down we fall off letting the main out but keeping the asymmetric sheeted so it colapses in the shadow of the main. Then we release the snap shackle on the tack and bring the sail down at the shrouds.